Saturday, July 14, 2007

We have arrived in Italy!!!

After a stressful drive along the coastal road from France that went up some of the highest mountains we have been accoss, we finally arrived at our campsite.

Last night we partied with Caz and Booth, celebrating Caz's 31st to follow shortly but only have 30 mins online. They are currently staying in an apartment just outside Cannes, so we pitched up at a campsite down the road, had the best meal and drank far too much!

Tomorrow we start early and head for the lake regions....

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Little Ole' me!!!!

Hello all,
Just thought I'd write a quick message, as its always Rols the wind guru who writes for us!! Have to say though, thats cos usually i'm sunning myself so no hardship for me!
Hope you like all our pictures, life is grand and I've just consumed an almond magnum in record time... what more could you want?
Much much love
Janey xxxxxxxxxx

Gorge De Verdon

Another beautiful place up in the alps, with water so cold it turned your feet numb

River Windsurfing

Never one to turn down the chance for a windsurf, I showed that you could windsurf on this small piece of river....75 litres was too small for the conditions but I needed a small fin for the weeds and rocks. Never mind though....look at that view and 4.7 metre conditions again!

Lavender Fields

After the Sunflower fields on the way up, we had Lavender fields on the way back down

We resisted the urge to rip up handfuls like the other cars seemed to be doing

Lac De St.Croix

These are pictures taken at the Lac De St.Croix

The water was crystal clear and although it was cold, it was very, very clean

We had dinner in a restaurant above the lake and our camping pitch backed onto the lake.
This was the 1st time for ages that I used my big sail and board....It felt pretty weird but it was great to windsurf on the lake.
We also did a lot of swimming

After the Etang De Berre we headed inland to a lake called "Lac De St.Croix"

It is up in the alps and the badger took his time up some of the slopes but never faltered.
We wished we had Michael's eye with the camera...but gave it our best shot

These pictures are of me sunset fishing on the Etang De Berre - a massive estuary where we camped at the best family run campsite, with private access to this jetty.
Once again we failed to catch any fish but I did have 2 great days of windsurfing.
This was the 2nd night's sunset. The 1st night was a red and gold coloured sunset...this one was full of amazing blues and purples

It is 35 degrees hot and sunny and still it is not warm enough for some people!

I have been windsurfing in shorts and a rash vest....these pictures are typical of what everyone else is, full winter wetsuit....and this guy even had his dressing gown over the top to keep him warm!

Pretty Woman

Ok, so it's a man!
We windsurfed at this inland lake called "Lac de Salagou" was very windy but gusty and kept changing direction. I used 2 boards and 3 sails then gave up through frustration but the area was beautiful

Sharing our bathroom...

Those of you who have the darkside....I will leave you to insert your own punchline here
Those of you who don't we had a family of tree frogs living in our bathroom

Thunder and Lightning....

Jane showing how fearless she is...walking around in the middle of a thunder storm with her umbrella up

Gone Fishing.... Part 1

Having sat and watched the fish jumping out of the water nearby, we decided to purchase some 10 Euro fishing rods to catch our dinner....we still have not caught a fish and have now tried on nearly 10 occasions

Me trying to repair my back after 3 days of gale force conditions...It didn't help but the 2 bottles of wine did

This is a typical picture of camping life for us....surrounded by trees and shrubs....this site even has a private bathroom for each pitch!

These are some pictures taken of the area around Leucate. It was either gale force winds or sunny and a gentle breeze. You could camp for free at the beach - which is a refreshing change from the barriers everywhere stopping you from parking near the water unless you have a vehicle that is under 1.8 metres height!
We purchased lots of small sails for the stronger winds and I purchased a very high wind wave board as we we informed that it was going to be strong winds and sunshine from here and they haven't been wrong!
We also borrowed a tandom windsurf board for the day,which was great fun but unfortunately we don't have any pictures

Badger's 1st problem

Just as we joined a major motorway, my window winder broke and I had to stop to repair it with just a screw driver and a pair of pliers....and yes they are puddles in the background but nothing like the rain we hear you have all been having.
In fact this journey was to drive south away from any chance of rain and i'm happy to report that we have not had rain during the day since reaching the south coast

The crew of the good team Badger....

No need to watch the road, this wagon drives itself

Send your relationship problems into Auntie Jane and she will do her best to answer them all....seriously....Crusty is the best Navigator

Sunset Gymnastics

Another perfect sunset and another excuse to

play with the delayed picture mode on the camera....if the sun hadn't gone down then I'm sure Jane would still be saying "1 more, i'll get it right this time"

The problem with sand....

I had been warned that sand could get into my windsurfing equipment and make life difficult...these pictures show me separating the 2nd mast to become stuck. Unfortunately this is not a job you can do on your own.
When I asked the men to help me their wives said " i doubt they will be any help as they are both weak!"......Nice

Jane Body Boarding - West Coast France

These pictures are taken close to the edge of the sea and don't show the 6 foot waves slightly further out!
We spent several days being pounded by the sea at this beach and carried sand in our ears for a week