Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Goodbye hair!

I know these pictures don't show a close up of the new haircut....but I quite like it and it is very easy to manage.

Middle picture shows some hair art done by Jane!

Our surf beqch on the west coast of France

This is a great beach called 'les conches', near Tranch-sur-la-mer

Apart from the weekends we could be the only people on the beach

Camping in Poole

These pictures show our 1st successful camp down in sunny Poole, were we met up with our lovely friends Greta and Lee....thanks for a great time guys...hopefully meet up with you on our travels

Dad and Annie's place plus their Bongo

Both times we stayed at Pa and Annie's we worked through a massive list of problems on the Badger....but we still managed to take in a movie at the most unusual cinema ever! play a round of golf at Dad's club and enjoy some great food, wine and company

Jane very kindly breaks Dad's shower

Dad and Annie let us repair the badger on their drive after the Rutland experience and on our final morning Jane finds something for Dad to repair...

Bank holiday weekend camping...

....and our 1st official night of sleeping in the badger at a campsite rather than someone's drive.

We chose to stay at Rutland water for a spot of windsurfing and some pleasant bike rides, BBQs etc.....

....well the temperature dropped to below 0°c and it rained every minute we were there, Badger leaked from every door and window and we flatten both batteries!

What a start....but at least we found all the problems in the UK

Board storage

Everytime we travel we have to lock all our windsurf boards up in our living area...this now takes even longer as we have a new surfboard and bodyboard to store!

When it has rained and all our equipment is wet this can be a nightmare...and 3 times we have had to deal with a soaking wet van

Our leaving party

Thank you to everyone who turned up to see us off...and a big thanks to Paul and Wayne (aka Windy Pops) for travelling so far
I hope that you all get to use the decking as much as we liked you too

Jane at work sewing the curtains

These are old pictures but we wanted to put them up to show how hard Jane (and her mum on the phone) big thanks to Lisa for lending us her sewing machine

Jane sporting the latest in hair accessories....

Our picture door in the badger

Here is a picture of our picture door in the badger....if you see you are missing please accept our apologies and send us a picture on the double