Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Curtains taken from inside the van

Me having just lost a staring competition with Crusty...

Curtains separating the driving area from the living area and around the kitchen...sounds big doesn't it....don't be fooled

Curtains taken from the outside of the van

Badger is now complete with his fantastic curtains...

Well done to Jane for her dedication and hard work...

Thanks to Lisa for the loan of her mother's sewing machine and thanks to Pat for assisting with the tie-backs.



Scroll down for the puzzle 2


Answers to the usual address please...

Flower Power

Our peaceful protest fails and Jane's dad evicts us from his drive

Thank you Pat and Arthur for your hospitality, food, taxi services and free electricity!...oh and how could I have forgotten the EEY HAM!

Our dashboard full of Sri Lanka momentos

Checkout the fantastic carpet - thank you Arthur!
This picture doesn't really do the job justice as there were so many joins to be done and slopes to take in...

Also we decided that it was time to get all our 'good luck' and 'leaving' gifts from Sri Lanka out of their storage place and onto our dashboard...we feel like we are driving a Sri Lankan bus now

Sorry for the delay in uploading pictures...

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay in uploading pictures of the completed van but we had such a rush to get out of the flat on Friday that we didn't have time to complete the van in London and simply filled Jane's car and the van with all our stuff and left (also apologies to Erin and Andrew if you read this as we realise that we forgot to clean the oven, BBQ and fridge).

We drove to Kinver, Staffordshire the home of Jane's parents on Friday and have been working on the van solidly since then. We are now happy that the van is ready for travels and are off to visit my Dad and Annie tomorrow and then we will slowly work our way down to Poole to visit Jane's gran and our friends Greta and Lee.

The van has been parked on Jane's parents drive and everyday we had to roll it back and forwards to get all the cars in and out, whilst Jane steered - and left the handbrake on - oh and left it in gear!

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Finally, we have come up with a name for the van..... Badger!

How did we get to this name you may ask?...well to cut a long story short...

One night Jane was a sleep when she heard a thump on the fence and thought that a badger was climbing over and into our garden...

This is what was really happening!

This is what was definitely NOT happening....

And after many months of me retelling the story with 1 or 2 improvements....

This is what Jane thought was climbing the fence late that night, looking to have it's 'furry' end away (lucky escape for the badger - I say!)

Monday, May 7, 2007

Bank Holiday Monday work on the van

This picture shows the bed section being made plywood pieces and that is the cupboard door in the front left corner that needed to be shorten to accomodate the changes.

4 hours of drilling later...cordless drills make excellent screwdrives and very poor metal drills

Sorry, I should have rotated this image but it was late...this is the 1st test of the bed section

Look at the relief on our faces...it works!

Me bringing in Basil with his night vision goggles on...

240,000 volts later....

Jane showing her war wounds from a late night at A&E, unknown to her...whilst she was out we did a few minor upgrades

Jane smells cheese...could this be a unexpected downside of the seamingly all positive 'field mouse' brain upgrade?!

More work on the van...

1st we tried to paint the floor with rubberised paint but it wouldn't stick to the old wood work, so in the end we got hold of some funky 70's vinyl and spent 4 hours cutting and gluing it. In this picture you can see the completely waterproofed underbed storage area and the frame for our bed that was made by 'John' our fantastic local welder.

This is a picture taken from the back of the van, showing how we have vinyled the box arches in and how much space there is beneath the van.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Work in progress on the van....part II

Dad drove down in his shiny new BMW to help us with the electrics. It was great to spend a day and a half with him and we wouldn't been able to complete all the work without him. Now we have a fully protected electrical system...vital for a watersports carrying van!

The van still not looking the best but believe me we are now in the final stages of this conversion...it's all cosmetics from here...well apart from new brake cylinders, suspension springs, exhaust and bushes

Our new electrical system...Buck Rogers eat your heart out!

Work in progress on the van

This is a picture showing the floor I had to replace where the sliding door had leaked because the seal is perished. After further investigation I noticed the side of the van was rotten...this is all repaired now.

Here is a picture that shows the rear section of the van without the bench seats, today I have to sand the floors and then coat the rear floor area with plastic paint to waterproof the wood. Hopefully the welder will turn up today with our new bed and windsurf storage section so that I can put down the new vinyl and carpet

It looks messy but at least we know there is no more rust or rotten wood

DIY SOS...ok, maybe not

1st 24 hours with our van...part II

The cat's eye view...Basil gives our van the once over....funny that he's never anywhere to be seen when there's hard work to be done!

Our 1st night camping in the van

Jane a typical multitasking woman.... drinking and driving (she wasn't really Pat!)

1st 24 hours with our van...

At the wheel for the 1st time...why aren't there any brakes?!?!
Our new van happily cruises down the motorways and we even managed to overtake the odd tractor!

When we arrived back at Eleanor Court we were greeted by Alvin, Michael and Lisa our fantastic neighbours...thanks for the bubbly guys!

This was the 2nd picture as we missed the cork flying out...light, camera, action!
Jane that isn't lemonade you know....

Ebay pictures of our travel van

These pictures have been taken from the original ebay advert, initially the van had been sold to someone else but they failed to pay their deposit....so I paid it and won the van!