Wednesday, March 28, 2007

And more pictures of Dahab - not to be missed

Naughty Marco! well, he is only human...

Bubble and Jo, the next morning it was all a blur for them! great dice game though

Jane and Wayn'e'Sauraus (Windypops), SleepySauraus or Wayne Hill
It was an absolute pleasure to share our week in Dahab with Wayne and I think it is fair to say that no one had more time on the water than Wayne! Loving the Fez!

More pictures from Dahab

A beautiful sunset from our Camel Trek night

Another picture of me and her on the Camel Trek night

Camel and Jane - I'm upset that no one took a picture of my Camel 360

Jane failing to make bubbles on the pipe...again!

Me and Chris (he is in charge of the Arab Pants)

Club Dahab Pictures

Unfortunately our digital camera ran out of battery on holiday so we couldn't take any pictures but we have been sent these so far.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Now it's time to choose the right van and windsurfing equipment

27th March...

After a 1 week Windsurfing holiday in Dahab with Club Vass, which was excellent and we couldn't recommend highly enough to anyone else interested, we have returned to London to see the 'sold' sign on our flat.

Now we are starting the difficult process of deciding which van to buy as our home for the next 6 months and which boards and sails will help us to be the best windsurfers on our travels!

Oh and that is Crusty pictured up above....he arrived at Xmas time. I have my suspicions that Jane and he share 'the' brain cell